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Our Mission

What We Believe

Our mission is simple, community. We want to create a vibrant and inclusive pickleball community that nurtures connections and friendships. We aim to provide a space where people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels can come together to play this amazing game. Through fostering a spirit of cooperation and respect, we strive to make our club more than just a place to play pickleball - it's a home where unity, inclusivity, and excellence are celebrated. Together, we are elevating the competition and cultivating a supportive community.

Our Origins

Our Humble Beginnings

We began playing pickleball in one of our buddy's driveways. His parents lined out a court, set up a net, gave us some beginner paddles, and told us, "This is pickleball; go play." And before you knew it, we had put in a 9-hour shift playing this game with this silly whiffle ball.

This driveway court is what began this crazy pickleball journey and the whole reason Era Pickleball became a reality.

our team

The amazing team behind Era Pickleball

Christian Tejada
Club Director
Nikki Tejada
Relationship Manager
Stetson Owensby
Program Director
Instructor Robert Rhett
Rob Rhett
Program Director
oUR Location

Visit Us

If you want to come out and play some pickleball then come on down and hang out with us, we would love to have you there!